Dave and Busters Ownership Changes hands in $570 million deal; new D&B opens in Roseville, CA


One of the more recognized business chains to feature coin-op games is changing hands, as the Oak Hill Capital Partners has announced that they will buy the company for $570 millionUSD. From the press release it sounds like this is happening as a way to help the company expand further in North America and beyond, in fact they just opened a new location in Roseville California today, bringing the total number of D&B locations to 57 in the US.

In lieu of the Gameworks closure recently, D&B is a perfect example of how an arcade-type location can not just survive but grow even during harsh economic climates.

UPDATE: The Roseville grand opening was a success with a report already out there that crowds gathered at the new location. Management estimated that more than 200 people were already there in the morning and that the overall reaction from customers was positive. While I haven’t seen a list posted of all the game content that they have there, we know they have two Blazing Angels and two Artic Thunders (pictured), a Big Buck Hunter or Safari, DDR, Guitar Hero, Space Invaders and Centipede. [Via Rosevillept.com]

[Press release here]

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2 Comments on “Dave and Busters Ownership Changes hands in $570 million deal; new D&B opens in Roseville, CA”

  1. Da FONZ Says:

    Let’s not forget the closure of several Star Buck stores and mass layoffs last year.


    One company closing several stores does not signify a trend. It happens all the time. I am sure Star Bucks has opened several stores since that article was printed.

  2. editor Says:

    I agree that one example of closure is not a trend, but looking at the number of FEC and amusement site opening reported in AG and the Stinger you have to say there is a strong move to public-play – feeding off of the social-network trend.

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