"Enuain Perfect World" joins the chorus of 2D fighters

While 2D games aren’t impossible to find anymore, they certainly aren’t as common as they used to be. It seems like one genre that happily embraces the old art of using hand-drawn characters is fighters. SNK is still doing that with the King of Fighters, Examu’s games are all pretty much 2D affairs and now a new fighter from Subtle Style is looking to throw it’s chips into the game with Enuain Perfect World. I have a feeling that the title isn’t translated correctly but that’s the best we have for now. As you can see from the video below, the game has huge character sprites, tons of effects and a level of speed that zips along at a pace that should keep players happy.

EPW is scheduled for a release in June in Japan. It makes use of the System Board Y2 hardware, which was first shown off at AOU 2009 and so far has been used primarily for 2D fighting games.

[Enuain Perfect World site] [Via  Small room Aries]

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2 Comments on “"Enuain Perfect World" joins the chorus of 2D fighters”

  1. Sgt. Wafer Says:

    Well shaggy, “en eins perfekte welt” is german and is translated to “in one perfect world” or “in a world once was perfect”

  2. Shaggy Says:

    Thanks Sgt. Wafer, that helps!

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