Pipeline Games updates site, adds a Youtube channel

One of the more unique booths I saw at Amusement Expo last month was the new Pipeline Games Inc. We heard about them just before the show as news about James Ko leaving Andamiro to form this new company was just spreading around. They had a barebones website setup at the time but now after the show, it’s been updated to actually include some relevant information. There aren’t any new revelations on new products but at the very least it  shows off their flagship product, The Grip Strength in full detail. It looks like the final release version has added some extra artwork to the cabinet, which you can see below from Pipeline’s new Youtube channel. The channel also shows off another interesting product that was at the show, SlimStop DX although the preview is far more brief than what I filmed from the show.

I’m still unsure as to how much these games cost at the moment, they didn’t have pricing available at the show and so far I haven’t received a response to inquiries about that subject from them yet but I’ll keep trying. I also look forward to seeing what else they come up with in the future and whether they will be sticking to video novelty games or expanding beyond that.

[Pipeline Games Inc. updated site]

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One Comment on “Pipeline Games updates site, adds a Youtube channel”

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