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UNIS shows off Crazy Speed

April 7, 2010

Not long ago we found out about a new arcade racer by Taiwanese company UNIS (or Universal Space) called Crazy Speed Arcade but there were very few details on the game. We could assume plenty as it is a racer and generally we don’t see many surprises there. Thanks to this video just published by UNIS, we can fill in the blanks. The game has many different cars, tracks and mode to select from which is always nice – I find it disappointing to sit down on a racer with only a few tracks and options. There is a tournament mode, Time Attack mode, Local Race (playing linked) and even an Online Battle Mode. With that, it brings us to at least three racers I can recall off the top of my head to feature that at the moment (this, Taito’s Top Speed and GlobalVR’s NASCAR Team Racing).  Graphically it looks really good thanks to the high detail and effects like motion blur; the only thing I can think of for improvement is a higher frame rate but otherwise this looks top notch.

We actually can expect to see this available outside of Asia as UNIS does sell their games internationally and possibly at a competitive price if it follows the same lines as their other in-house game Ultimate which was only $4700 for a 46″ game.

[UNIS website]

Arcade oddity of the day: Walk the Dog by Sega

April 7, 2010

(Thanks to Rjay on the forums for bringing this up)

As news has been a tad slow, why not do a post about another arcade oddity again? Today I’ll cover something I have heard of before (unlike last time with Sega’s Flash Beats) although I have never actually seen one in person (as it was a Japan-only release) – Walk The Dog by Sega. This came out in 2000, a little while before the whole exergaming craze really hit the mainstream culture but I do seriously wonder if something like this could get some play again in the post-Wii Sports world. In the game you walk or run on a treadmill while holding a dogleash as you walk a virtual dog along to keep it happy. By pulling the leash you can move the dog left or right as it strolls along, picking up objects and avoiding other dogs during play. It’s a bit goofy but they at least figured out how to turn something like this into a game.

Even if Sega revamped this concept for today’s market, if it didn’t sell well in arcades,  they could easily sell these to gyms.  Here is one of the clearer videos I could find of this in action.