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Asteroids High Score World record broken

April 6, 2010

While we don’t report about every single world record that is broken on here, occasionally there are ones which are broken which are just too impressive to pass by. I heard about this on the KLOV forums and then saw that they had a live stream of the event on John McAllister broke the record last night at 10:18PM with 41,338,740 points – he had to start on Friday morning to achieve this which meant playing the game for three days straight, no pause button allowed (or possible). Congrats to John for smashing the previous record, which had been held by Scott Safran who set his record 28 years ago in 1982, which also required three days of playing to set. I doubt anyone will be able to topple John’s score anytime soon but that probably won’t stop others from trying. In the meantime, congrats to John for the achievement!

The event was viewable on Two other world record attempts occured at the same time but it looks like only John made it. The achievement is also bringing out some nice coverage across the internet, as you can see here. (Image above via

One question I would like to ask is how possible do you think it is for a modern arcade to hold this sort of appeal of competing for a high score on it almost 30 years down the road? Obviously that is quite difficult to achieve once again – Asteroids has the classic popularity going for it and you don’t see them making many games anymore that just go on for eternity (or until the game breaks). It almost makes me wish that current arcades would at least offer an option to just loop over to the beginning so one could at least attempt it – I understand why games have endings, so that incredible players like this can’t hog a machine on one credit for eternity but if it were an option that the operator could set, it makes it possible for better high score competitions. What do you guys think?

The Official Pac-Man website

April 6, 2010


Bandai Namco isn’t done gearing up for the 30th anniversary of their signature character Pac-Man yet, as they have now launched two websites  (which include a countdown to that anniversary) dedicated to the iconic guy. can be found in both English and Japanese, with the sites differing quite a bit depending upon the language. Currently the Japanese site has a better design with more content but both cover a history of the game, let you download PC-based or mobile Pac-Man games and even provide a source for official Pac-Man gear. Hopefully the English site will soon add the historical look at the game that the Japanese site has, which covers every Pac-Man game released since it was called Puckman.

At the moment both sites feature a countdown (currently set at 45 days) for the arrival of the anniversary, where I imagine that they will then update the sites to include information on the new Pac-Man Battle Royale arcade game and perhaps some other things.

[ – English site / Japanese Site]