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New arcade opening in Brookfield, IL this May: G3 Arcade

March 18, 2010

When you see arcade game news out there on a site that allows comments, often I read about how people consider arcades being dead as they don’t know of any near them. Of course we have pointed out websites whose sole purpose is to help players find an arcade near them but there are some areas where there isn’t much to speak of. If you live in or near Brookfield, IL however, then you have a new arcade to look forward to called G3 Arcade.

One interesting thing about this place is that it will be run in part by Galloping Ghost Productions and G-Rox Inc. That first name might sound familiar as they are the guys who are  working hard on a new fighter that we have covered several times before known as Dark Presence. Here is a rundown of the new facility by Doc Mack of Galloping Ghost :

Its 6,000 sq feet, and currently have 120 unique games which we aim to have closer to 175 by the time we open.  We will offer many unique features at the arcade and will even be letting gamers see our games development up close and hands on! We are making sure to have all the classics as well as all the great games from the 80s and 90s and of course a large amount of fighting games!  We are going to stay away from the games you see everywhere like DDR style games, the bigger racing games and we will be very selective with our light gun games (we’ll have T2 and Operation Wolf as opposed to House of the Dead).

They are planning on running it like an old-school arcade, i.e. no redemption games and the game roster they sent me which you can read after the break. As always we wish the best of luck to G3 Arcade in their efforts and if you are in the area, be sure to give them your support! Who knows, you might be one of the first to check out Dark Presence as well.


Next from Stern Pinball: Ironman

March 18, 2010

(thanks to IcePagoda on the forums for the tip) Via

Stern Pinball has revealed the first picture of their next pinball machine, Iron Man and with it, a good idea of what to expect from Stern’s next outing.

This pin will continue the more simplified playfield design as we have seen in the past couple of games, putting most of the important stuff in the back. I like the design from what you can make out of it in this mock-up (so be aware, there could be some changes before the final release) but as always we’ll have to wait and play it before making detailed comments on the game.

According to, “The game features two ramps, a pop-up Iron Monger toy (like the Brain Bug in Starship Troopers or Dr Evil in Austin Powers) as well as a Whiplash ball accelerator and a War Machine ball kicker.” No word on whether it will feature any licensed music from the new movie (much of it by AC/DC I hear) or snippets of dialogue from both movies, which would be a little bit of a disappointment if they aren’t able to get those. I can fully understand them not being able to license people like Robert Downey Jr. to do some original voice acting just for the game but one thing I liked about Indiana Jones pinball was that it included a bunch of clips from the first three movies with some dialogue straight from the movies and some recorded by different voice actors for the game. I hated how they apparently were unable to get anything substantial from the most recent movie however, which I would think that the studio would want to get out there since these kind of machines which are released around the time of the new movies help serve as cool advertisements for them. It’s probably all about money so I’ll leave it at that.

[Stern Pinball]

Want Super Street Fighter IV in arcades? Let Capcom know about it!

March 18, 2010

This comes to us from an interview with Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono by Shack News and brought to our attention by The Stinger Report. Street Fighter fans should find this interesting:

“” Shack: Since there’s no planned arcade version for Super Street Fighter IV, do you think the future of SFIV is geared toward American and European audiences beacuse they are more console-based players? Do you hope to convert Japanese players into console players?

Yoshinori Ono: (I have removed a little part here-Adam)
For me personally, Street Fighter is an arcade game. It always has been. I’d love to do an arcade version, but the company is focusing more on console games right now, so [an arcade version of Super] didn’t reallypan out. That said, if there are people out there that want to see an arcade version, by all means, be vocal about it and let us know.

…If you know any arcade collectors or operators in the US, please tell them to write us letters saying they will buy 100 machines.

Emphasis mine there. This obviously confirms that at the moment there is no planned arcade release for the update to Street Fighter IV in arcades but as Mr. Ono himself stated, if arcade players are vocal enough about it, then we could see one. I am looking into getting some proper contact information for this but if you the players or operators really want this, the best bet is to flood Capcom with requests via their websites. Mr. Ono continued in the interview after that to discuss the US arcade market and his discussion of how they would expect a couple hundred arcades to go with it although they would prefer thousands of orders

I think getting thousands of orders, or even hundreds of SSFIV orders is not an impossible task but it certainly is difficult for a couple of reasons:

First of all price. When Capcom first showed SFIV for arcades everything was great until we found out that you had to buy two cabinets if you wanted a 2p experience and they wanted about $10,000 for each. some places had to place a minimum order of four machines. When Capcom was shopping for interest in distributing the game in the US it’s not surprising that they were pretty much shot down as very few venues have both the interest and money to invest in that. Obviously there were some locations that did but to sell the number of units that Capcom thinks it should sell, they needed to change their pricing strategy to really move units. If they could create a version where it’s 2 people on one cabinet(which makes the game enticing to smaller venues, which shouldn’t be ignored) and for a price well below $10k then we are talking but my hopes aren’t high on that unless they have learned a good lesson. I personally cannot think out a reason why if they did a SSFIV release that “development costs” should all be shoveled onto the arcade when in reality, the console release will cover that nicely.

Next is you have to convince us operators that the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV will have enough to pull player interest away from their consoles. I know that interest is out there to a degree, as I’ve had people coming in expressing interest in an arcade version of SFIV even after the console release and some people do see the advantage of playing against someone at an arcade as opposed to over the internet (yes there are those who would rather do the latter, I know). Will the arcade version get any nice extras since we are paying a heck of a lot more for the game that can be purchased in a home form too along with nice arcade sticks?

BTW, Mr. Ono also mentions wanting to do a new Darkstalkers so we’ll have to see where they go with that one.

Midwest Gaming Classic coming next week, with more arcade goodness and Bill Paxton Pinball!

March 18, 2010

This is just a friendly reminder for many gamers out there that the Midwest Gaming Classic is upon us, with the show coming up on March 27th (a Saturday) and the 28th. As usual they will have a number of arcade games to play there (in addition to a large assortment of console gaming) and among the unique arcade-related games you’ll find is one of Ben Heck’s recent projects, Bill Paxton Pinball (which as far as I know, is not being picked up by Stern) which we discussed a little while ago.

Also it’s important to note that Eugene Jarvis (owner of Raw Thrills’ as as you know, maker of many great games from the 80’s up to today) will be speaking there and Play Mechanix, Raw Thrills’ and Stern Pinball are sponsors of the event so I imagine they willb e showing off some new product there as well.

You can get the full rundown on what to expect here, at the Midwest Gaming Classic website.