Namco tests Dead Heat Street Racing

We received a tip today that Namco is “secretly” (well, not so much anymore) testing out a new racing title called Dead Heat Street Racing. There were no details given on how the game plays although from the sound of the title alone it seems to be another game along the lines of Tokyo Drift, R-Tuned, NFS Carbon, etc. but until we see it we can only guess. Where the game is testing now remains a secret – the source didn’t say where it was at but we know it’s out there.  Since it’s testing now I guess we could see it at the show, which would mean that Namco will have a pretty full roster. If it’s there, I’ll be sure to grab some video.

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  1. […] back in March, we found out that Namco was testing a new racing game that was called Dead Heat Street Racing. I found out a little on the game at Amusement Expo but […]

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