Space Invaders might get a movie too

A short time ago we heard that Atari was looking at bringing some of it’s classics to the silver screen and now word has it that Warner Bros. is looking to bring a big Taito classic to movie theaters – Space Invaders. There aren’t any details on it yet as it is just in the negotiating round at the moment but it is another indicator that Hollywood isn’t looking to let up on the video game to-movie translations any time soon. I am guessing that one reason why they are looking at doing classic games into movies is due to the success of classic titles in recent times via downloadable means and the general nostalgia that drives collectors to keep the fun alive behind these games. Whether this, Missile Command, Asteroids or the Joust movies we heard of ages ago will make for riveting box office numbers, is something we will have to wait and see about. With Space Invaders it can prove a challenge simply because aliens invading from space is far from new but at least they have a template to follow.

[Via Aint It Cool News]

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