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Viral marketing for TRON Legacy continues to give some love to arcades

February 26, 2010

I’ve always been a big fan of Tron so when it comes to developments of what is going on with the new TRON Legacy movie that comes out in December, I’m intently keeping tabs on what’s going on as Disney runs a pretty cool viral marketing campaign for it. We saw it begin with Flynn’s Arcade at Comic-Con last year and now they have run a nationwide scavenger hunt leading up for showings of the first official trailer for the film. One of the hunts took place  in my city but I don’t know where it was at or what was involved exactly before it was already claimed. Fortunately a guy in Dallas filmed his search, where it involved a girl wearing a Flynn Lives T-shirt playing a Twilight Zone pinball machine so it’s possible that they had people doing scavenger hunts at places where you can find arcade machines all over the country yesterday. You can see that below.

Also arcade-related is this viral website for Encom International. If you check out the “Past” page, it has an alternate timeline where Encom developed the original Tron arcade game and Space Paranoids was the best selling arcade game of 1981. If you look over the page, it looks like Encom became the Microsoft of the Tron universe. I would love it if Disney (or I should say “Encom” 🙂 ) would release those Comic-Con Space Paranoids cabinets to arcades this year, I would pick one up for my own arcade in a heartbeat and from our poll last August, plenty of you would love to play it.