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Dead Storm Pirates gets a trailer

February 24, 2010

When it came to games at IAAPA, Dead Storm Pirates is one of those games I probably should have spent a little more time playing. Even though the game was essentially a beta it was still a lot of fun and it looked great too. Namco America has posted a new trailer of the game in action, showing off the game itself as opposed to the cabinet(which you can see here in case you have missed it). One thing that stands out to me with this game is the framerate as it’s quite smooth while throwing a lot of stuff at you on the screen and the sound will blow you away when you get into the cabinet.The game uses System 357, which is PS3 based hardware that has also been used in other arcades such as Tekken 6 and Razing Storm.

Dead Storm Pirates will be released at some point this year (Q2 2010?) worldwide.

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New update for Pump In Up, PIU Fiesta

February 24, 2010

If you are a fan of the Pump It Up series of dancing games then you certainly have something to look forward to. In addition to the release of Pump It Up Pro 2 next month, Andamiro is also releasing a new update for regular Pump It Up machines called Fiesta. The new update will feature 260 songs and also 2 new modes of play. The interface for the game has been improved to help bring in newer players and the game offers custom step building that can be uploaded with a USB drive. The update will be made available shortly after the AMOA/AAMA show next month and it will be at the show as well, where we’ll have to get some video or pictures of both new PIU games in action.

Also of a note, Andamiro has a new USA President after James Ko left, Satinder Bhutani who was formerly the sales VP there. Congrats on the promotion Satinder! (via Coinoptoday)

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