A few more AOU videos – Gaia Attack 4, Jigsaw World Arena, Puzzle of Ocha, Speed Rider

Just a few more videos from AOU I’ve found featuring things to round-up the weekend.

Taito’s Gaia Attack 4. It’s good to see it in action – they used video of real world environments and have overlaid them with 3D  graphics. There’s an interesting Ghostbusters style mini-game at the beginning of this video.

Jigsaw World Arena. This is another new puzzle game that uses the PGM2 hardware for solid 2D performance. This is a four player title that looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Puzzle of Ocha, the other PGM2 powered puzzle game that we had spoke of recently. Nice to see it in action.

Speed Rider by IGS.

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3 Comments on “A few more AOU videos – Gaia Attack 4, Jigsaw World Arena, Puzzle of Ocha, Speed Rider”

  1. BDD Says:

    Gaia Attack looks interesting. It reminds me of a PC game I was working on a decade ago called Shooting World, where I attempted the same feat of overlaying CG with video environments. I used typical areas such as the carpet, kitchen sink, and office desk. I gave up due to the crappy frame rate I ran up against, but I’d be able to do it these days if I had the same energy I had then 🙂

  2. 60Hertz Says:

    The motorcycle game looks like it’ll be loads of fun. Funny that no one (especially konami) did the mo-cap moto game earlier… hopefully this comes to the states!!!

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