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Atari wants to turn some of their old games into movies, starting with Missile Command

February 20, 2010

Ah Hollywood. Will you ever give up on making movies based upon video games? Probably not, even though I wonder why since they aren’t generally huge money makers and are severely critiqued. The latest game-to-movie translation news comes from MTV, who is reporting that Atari is looking to take some of their classic titles to the big screen starting with Missile Command. I suppose that if you look at their classic line-up MC is easier to do something with than Pong, Sprint, Centipede, Tempest or Yars’ Revenge. I guess games that wouldn’t be too difficult to do would include Adventure, Haunted House, Star Raiders or Major Havoc. Crystal Castles could perhaps be done as an animated 3D flick. Not that I would really want them to do any of these as a movie but my opinion won’t stop them. If Missile Command does remotely well then we’ll have to brace ourselves for more of these but are there any classic games from any company you’d like to see made into a movie?

I would rather see the current Atari look into bringing some of their arcade classics back to the arcade. They can start with Warlords and go from there.

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More AOU stuff – Robo Catcher, more Metal Gear, Gaia Attack 4, Stomper DLX, Sega

February 20, 2010

Here’s a few more things out of AOU in Japan (links via various sources, including AM Net) and The Stinger Report

Robo Catcher – showing other applications our future robot overlords can have in amusement devices 😛

Also Metal Gear Arcade received “the most attention” at the show. Here is a test report of how the game plays by Andria Sang (thanks ECM). Game Watch has an in-depth description of how the game works as well, and they reveal that it could be played without the stereoscopic 3D effect if the player chooses. The Game Watch article above also has a look into Konami’s line-up of bemani games at the show.

Here’s another pic of Gaia Attack 4 by Taito/Gamewax. They mention that an idea behind this game is to get women and children involved into a shooter, which has been mentioned by Gamewax before when they were discussing the idea behind Go Go Grand Prix.  As the cabinet design is based off of Panic Museum as I had thought, I wonder if this game could get some distribution outside of Japan like PM did. Gaia Attack certainly has more appeal to it than Panic Museum did.

Trio-Tech’s Mini Stomper DLX was at the show too.

Sega demonstrated the promo video for Let’s Go Island at their press event where they also showed off the new Virtua Fighter 5 update and a couple of other things.

Question for fans of music games – was Project Diva popular on the PSP outside of Japan? Was it even released elsewhere? I noticed that the arcade version has attracted a bit of attention at AOU but could the popularity of the PSP game translate into this arcade unit getting international attention?

Namco holding a show in Singapore March 2nd & 3rd

February 20, 2010

(Thanks to Kieranmay for the tip)

Namco has announced a private show in Singapore where they will be showing off their latest product lines for overseas customers. This will include titles we know about already, such as Dead Storm Pirates, Tank! Tank! Tank!, Maximum Tune 3 DX Plus and their crane line-up. It also was announced that they will be showing off three new, never before seen products at this particular show, which makes it all the more interesting. The show takes place on March 2nd and 3rd – we will have to see if we can learn what those new products will be and if they will also be at the upcoming Amusement Expo 2010 in Vegas next month as well. Of course, I do wonder if one of those “never-before-seen” products which has actually been seen might include Razing Storm SD as that seems like it would be a good fit for overseas markets, especially as the light-gun arena is heating up at the moment.

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Oh boy: Woman sues Chuck E. Cheese for getting hit by a stray air hockey puck

February 20, 2010


The other day I came across an article about some people who got into a fight at Chuck E. Cheese again, this time over a dispute at a vending machine. I decided not to post it because it isn’t anything new – we have covered the stupidity that some people display when they are at CEC before and it’s usually the same story.

But thanks to this news today, I had a reason to discuss the story above. At least the news today is something different, something that involves a lawsuit instead of a brawl. A woman who was hit on the head by a stray air hockey puck is suing Chuck E. Cheese’s – not the person who hit the puck too hard but the company who hosted the air hockey table. According to the news report, she is suing because she got hit in the head which then caused “a head injury and memory loss.” She claims that CEC is at fault because they didn’t setup adequate protection between the booth and the air hockey table. The puck in use was also claimed to be larger than the standard puck seen on air hockey tables, which would be unusual for a place like CEC to use on their tables – unless of course the person playing was using their own puck for some reason. Who knows if we will hear how this case turns out but what are your thoughts? CEC doesn’t have a comment yet so the news story only covers the woman’s side of it; Puck’s will only fly off a table when hit in a certain way – usually with too much force and at a certain angle. If the puck in this case was indeed a professional puck that is heavier than a standard puck then it would require even more effort to send flying off the table. I certainly don’t appreciate it when players get too violent with the game but my own air hockey table isn’t anywhere near where a person would be sitting down to eat. At least a lot of newer air hockey tables have barriers on the side to help prevent some pucks from flying off but those won’t stop all stray pucks either. I’d love to know how the tables are setup there and how close they are to the booths.

More info here.

AOU round-up for today, with videos!

February 20, 2010

Here’s a rundown of the AOU news and info for today, complete with videos.


Metal Gear Arcade in action.The videos below by Gigazine show how the glasses work.

The new Melty Blood. I hadn’t seen much on this series before, visually it looks like Arcana Heart (although the it’s probably the other way around if Melty Blood came along first)

Project Diva Arcade. This runs on Ringedge BTW.

Gundam VS.

Gigazine also has a bunch of write-ups discussing the show, which you can check out here.

Here is a link to the Japanese flyer for Terminator Salvation, via AM-Net.

Here’s a Game Watch article detailing a few more things, with pics of people playing Metal GearArcade, Gaia Attack 4 and Terminator.

Here’s Famitsu’s look at the show, they have pics of Jubeat Knit and more Konami stuff. I wonder if media outside Japan will at least note the game which will be available outside of Japan, like Terminator, Tank! Tank! Tank! and Dead Storm Pirates but my hopes aren’t very high on that.