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Coney Island revival project begins this summer

February 17, 2010

What the Luna Park Entrance will look like


I have never been to Coney Island in New York, but I have always heard about this historic amusement park through various media sources. It used to be the largest amusement park area in the US, the Dubai of it’s day but in it hasn’t enjoyed that distinction in quite some time. New York City officials along with Central Amusement International have announced plans to help change all that, with the announcement of two new amusement areas to be put into operation this year and next.

First Luna City will open this Memorial Day (last weekend of May) and add 19 rides to the mix and in the summer of 2011 they will open the Scream Zone at Coney Island which will further compliment the number of attractions to the area. They have developed a large revitalization plan for the island which includes more than just amusement, adding housing and retail space that the city hopes to bring in around $14 billion worth of revenue to New York City over the next thirty years. This of course includes thousands of jobs, which is always quite important. If you are curious to read more about New York City’s plans for Coney Island, hit the break below for the full press release. You can also see renderings of what the projects will look like here.