First pics from the big arcade show in London called EAG 2010 by Kevin Williams UPDATED

Thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report, we have a first look at the European Amusement and Gaming Expo 2010. To give you an idea of some of the games you’ll see by clicking below, here’s a brief list of what’s new: Let’s Go Island (Sega); Bejeweled (?); Vulcan M (Rassen); Big Buck Hunter Pinball (Stern); Stomper DLX (TrioTech); Rok N’ Bloks (ICE); The BishiBashi (Konami); and one game that’s sure to grab us plenty of hits for the rest of eternity on the name alone, Box4Sex (don’t worry, it’s SFW – just a boxer game that dispenses condoms and such) and of course there’s more. But you’ll have to click below to find out. All the pictures are courtesy The Stinger Report; the commentary is all mine and just so you know, I wasn’t at the show. This also marks just one of our EAG related posts – more information will be forthcoming (including videos!) in the coming days so stay tuned! In fact, I already have found one video showing the games there, which you’ll find embedded below as well.

If you want a larger view of the pics, click on them.

The first three games seen here were at ATEI in Earls Court.

First off,Subsino Corp was there showing off their Digitiger cabinet with Kung Fu Ball in it. This was also at IAAPA. I’d love to see more games return to the cocktail cabinet style like this.

Here’s the first adult themed boxing game I’ve seen called ” Box4Sex”. You play for a “sexy gift” instead of tickets, probably a condom from the looks of it. I guess something like this was only a matter of time! UPDATE: GameSetWatch looked into this one a little further and it will dispense rings, condoms and panties. I can already envision night clubs everywhere picking this game up.

Here is a video of the game in action and there’s nothing raunchy in it

No title on this one, it looks to be a touch screen cocktail cabinet with Bejeweled to play.I’m happy to see Bejeweled in an arcade environment.


Here is the new shooter by Rassen called Vulcan M that we showcased a couple of days ago. You may also notice the Big Buck Hunter Pinball machine next to it.

Here’s TrioTech’s UFO Stomper variation called Stomper DLX. This features a different cabinet design and name from what they were showing off at IAAPA. If you are unfamiliar with this, the unit features projectors that create an image on the floor that the player can interact with by stomping on it. Sensors detect the players movement and the game responds accordingly. Dual projectors allow it to get around shadows.

Here’s the Rok N’ Bloks machines by ICE that we discussed a couple of days ago in a surprisingly dark area of the show.

Sega was showing off a Let’s Go Island video at the show in a partial cabinet. Looks like they have dumped the cockpit theater cabinet in favor of an open platform. At least one version of the game will feature motion, as you can see below. It also appears from the first pic below you’ll go underwater. We should have some video of this game shortly.

The Xbox 360 coin-op kiosk Game Gate VU was at the show.

Taito’s Hopping Road looks like it has been popular at every show it goes to. Too bad they have only shown it in Japan and Europe, I think it looks great for the US too. That and I just like seeing something a little different for a change.

Taito also had Panic Museum there in a smaller booth than what they have shown previously.

Taito’s racer D1GP. I didn’t realize until now how the Sega Racing Classic cabinet looks like this one, although D1GP was first.

Stern had two Big Buck Hunter Pro pinball machines at the show and an NBA.

It looks like the ball throwing games continue to be popular, with Vogo making these ones below.

Here’s Konami showing off their new racer, GTI Club. I like the big screen on this one (not that a screen of this size on a racer is unique, it just looks nice on this kind of cab). I’m also a fan of these kinds of marquees.

DDRX. Nuff said.

For a better surprise, here’s Konami’s The BishiBashi at the show. Looks like Kev took the pic at the wrong moment when the game was on a black screen.

Here’s DJ Max Technika by PM Studios. The version at the show was supposed to have some software updates on it, no word on those yet however.

UPDATE: Aaron Auzins let us know the following:

I just spoke with Michael Yum of PM Studios and he indicated what the
updated version of DJ Max Technika was at the EAG show.  The software
itself isn't updated, however, the Platinum Crew member service has
been activated on the machine and, to his knowledge, the cabinet at
the show is hooked up online to showcase this feature.  The Platinum
Crew service allows arcades to network the DJ Max Technika cabinets in
order to receive updates and this would be where the extra content
would come from.  I'm not sure on any specifics at the moment on
whether there is a subscription fee or if the IR cards are required
from players to access the content, but I'll receive information on
that soon.

Terminator Salvation is reported to be a number one hit every where it has tested, including Europe and Japan. It looks like they busted out an even cooler Terminator model to stand around at the booth for this show.

Namco’s new sit-down shooter, Dead Storm Pirates was also there. Here you see the motion deluxe cabinet and below, the smaller, “standard” cab.

Namco’s Tank! Tank! Tank! also proves to be popular at the show.

Nirin and H2Overdrive motion

Here’s PMT  promoting LAI Games’ Textminator, along with the European tournaments

I was quite surprised at IAAPA when I dropped by the Universal Space booth and they had a new game there called Ultimate. It was at EAG too. It’s like a new Panic Park, with several mini-games, 3D graphics, a 47″ screen and an amazing price tag of $4700

GO SPEED RIDER, GO SPEED RIDER GO SPEED RIDER GOOOOHH WAIT. Wrong game. Speed Rider by IGS is their answer to games like Super Bikes and Nirin.

Twisted by GlobalVR.

Some sort of 3D/4D theater attraction called Rider X. Looks like the first Doctor Who was there to check it out!(lower left corner)

I saw Aquarace Extreme at IAAPA but with a red cabinet. I didn’t play it but it had pretty good graphics.

Harley Davidson by Sega.

Typhoon and XD Motion theater by TrioTech. Too bad not everything at EAG isn’t something we haven’t seen at about 10 other shows already.

Sega brought out four Hummer standards for EAG. I was actually surprised by how fun this game was and how nice it looked in terms of overall detail.

Sega Racing Classic was there, still looking like it was at IAAPA. I’m still colored ‘meh’ about how this one had turned out.

Goodness, gracious ‘giant’ balls of fire. It’s Tetris Giant by Sega.

A more expanding view of the Sega booth.

Some kind of coin-op track racer. At least it looks more compelling than that NASCAR RC racer I saw at IAAPA.

Tecway/Belrare brought Happy Balance Ball, a Monkey Ball clone to the show. I played this at IAAPA and it was fun.


Here’s a video I found on youtube showing the games at EAG. By user madebyluke.

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8 Comments on “First pics from the big arcade show in London called EAG 2010 by Kevin Williams UPDATED”

  1. igo Says:

    Bejeweled in a cocktail touchscreen setup looks cool. That would be fun to play with a few people playing at the same time (you would never miss a match).

  2. RJAY63 Says:

    Box4Sex? Quick, send a press release to the Daily Mail…publicity heaven! 😉

  3. arcads4ever Says:

    was konami’s jukebeat there at all or its sequal ripples? don’t know why everyones doubtful about sega’s racing classic as it’s just a rerelease to be honest not a true sequal daytona 3. I think lets go island is gonna be so cool like a cross between the original and namco’s rapid river. I can’t wait for these games to come out and giant tetris too though remains to be played though 😉

  4. editor Says:

    Just finished the last day of the two shows (also attended Toy air – sucker for punishment!)

    No Ripple or JUKEBEAT were not there.

    Sat and watched the whole video – I see Lets Go Island as – RailChase for the ’10.

    • arcads4ever Says:

      oh I never thought of that lets go island resembling railchase LOL that was a fun game especially in co op mode. do you have video footage of the bishi bashi and lets go island? and also what info did you dig up on lets go island like release date, story, new features etc..? 🙂
      shame do you think that konami has failed with jukebeat? I would love to give it at least a few goes 😦

  5. editor Says:

    sorry for the blatant plug – but the Stinger Report next month will haver all the info.

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