Sega partners with Alton Towers Resort in the UK

One great thing about theme parks around the world is that they are still homes to significant arcades. Sega Europe announced today that they are partnering with the Alton Towers Resort (located in Staffordshire, England), where Sega gets “exclusive video game rights at the resort” for the next three years. In addition to the supply of arcade games, the resort will also feature a Sonic The Hedgehog themed roller coaster called Sonic Spinball. I’m not sure if that is the same ride found at the Sega Republic in Dubai or not, but that at least makes two occasions where they have produced a Sonic-themed roller coaster. While, there is no word on what games will be provided to the resort yet, I am sure that it will be a substantial investment on Sega’s part.

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Here’s the images we received discussing the news in more detail.

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4 Comments on “Sega partners with Alton Towers Resort in the UK”

  1. editor Says:

    Think we need to be clear here on the announcement – the new coaster is only the old Spinball coaster being re-branded for the next three years – the main move is the Sonic Room which will be in the hotel – though we will not know if it will have new arcade machines till EAG, it will be primarily there to promote the February launch of the new Sonic home game.

    • arcads4ever Says:

      I think it will have games in the sonic room because on the sega amusements UK website they are going to release sonic themed games such as sonic hockey table and a basket ball machine thats all sonic themed. how big is this sonic romm anyway? if its big they might even have big attraction games like lets go jungle and THOTD 4 SP etc.

  2. SEGA Says:

    Does this mean that only SEGA games will be available at this arcade or just that the resort will promote a SEGA theme for its environment?

    • arcads4ever Says:

      I doubt it will just be sega games after all you see sega and other company games like rawthrills in namco stations. I think it will just be the interia that will be sega themed with sonic just like namco’s namco station with its pac man theme

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