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Arcade games at Pizza Oven West, Madison WI

January 25, 2010

Time for a confession. My name is HeavyElectricity, and I am addicted to pizza. Seriously, I can’t get enough of the stuff. If you were to cut me, I’d probably bleed tomato and mozzarella. Of course I also love arcade games too, so when this bit of news popped up on the Stinger news feed I cursed the fact that the UK is nowhere near Madison, Wisconsin, the location of The Pizza Oven West restaurant. The review on mainly talks about the food, praising the pizza but advising against most of the rest of the menu. Still, there’s nothing wrong with a good bit of pizza, especially given the $7.49 price tag for an all-you-can-eat buffet. As a sports themed bar, the walls are adorned with sporting memorabilia, as well as TVs for the all-important game nights.  The review suggests that the combination of pizza and arcade makes it a good family venue, which is always handy.

If you’re interested in visiting The Pizza Oven West, you can find more information on the restaurant’s official website or Facebook page. And if you do decide to check it out, please let us know what games they have there!

[via: Pizza, arcade make this a good choice for families] [Discuss on the forums]