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Rassen products to launch at EAG 2010

January 23, 2010

With less than a week to go until the European Amusement and Gaming expo opens in London, we have received the news that Electrocoin Sales will be launching the products of the Korean company Rassen at the show. The company is concerned with military simulation products, two of which are shown in the promotional video we’ve seen. The first is Vulcan M, a large lightgun game with a variety of immersive cabinet features, featuring a fixed machine gun. The second is Military Camp, which focuses on smaller, hand-held weaponry. Though it’s hard to catch much game footage in the trailers, both games appear to feature very realistic visuals. Other details are scarce at present (not least due to our lack of Korean language skills), so until EAG rolls around you’ll need to settle for the trailer below.

[Official Rassen website] [Discuss on the forums]


Sega testing UFO Balance Catcher in Japan

January 23, 2010

We usually only post about cranes when they do something interesting or feature a weird product inside and while the latest version of Sega’s UFO Catcher doesn’t feature anything weird to catch by it’s own nature, it certainly features something new for how the player controls the crane itself – a balance board.

Called UFO Balance Catcher, the game takes up a bit more space than your normal crane machine due to the controller which sits in front of it, a balance board mechanism that reminds me a little bit of the balance board used in Happy Balance Ball by Tecway which we saw at IAAPA. How it works is then obvious – balance around to move the crane and hopefully you can grab something. It’s a cool way to change up how cranes are played (making it more fun as well as more difficult to play) although the larger footprint could limit the kind of location these are found in, but not by much. Since Sega has released their UFO Catcher cranes internationally, I could see this “sequel” getting some play outside of Japan as well.

More details can be found on the link below

[Via AM-Net Blog] [Discuss on the forums]