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Marble Madness designer Mark Cerny to be inducted into the AIAS Hall of Fame

January 16, 2010

It seems that more and more classic game developers are being recognized for their contributions to the game industry, both past and present lately and the most recent developer to get a nod who got his start in arcade industry is Mark Cerny. He started out at Atari, designing Marble Madness and he also did some work with Owen Rubin on Major Havoc. After that he went on to work on a number of very popular console games, from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, several Crash Bandicoot games, and currently he has credits for several of Sony’s major games on the Playstation 3. The AIAS (Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences) Hall of Fame will only have thirteen people as a part of it once Mark is inducted so it is not a very large club right now. Congrats to Mark for his achievements!

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