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Big Buck Hunter Open Season pushes 3000 units in 90 days

January 7, 2010

If there was any question about how popular the Big Buck Hunter series continues to be, then look no further than the latest sales numbers released by Betson. They are reporting that the game has already sold approximately 3000 units, with about 2000 of those belonging to the kit upgrades and all in 90 days. Naturally the kit option was boosted by the fact that there are thousands of BBHPro games out there already but with so many operators switching over, I wonder how rare original BBHPro games will become in about a year or so. Hit the post break for the press release


Co-op gaming in arcades, past and present

January 7, 2010

Our friend Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report has penned an interesting article discussing as aspect of coin-op gaming that has had a strong history and is starting to resurge once again – co-op gaming. Kevin looks over notable co-op games that have come along since Pong Doubles (no mention of some of my favorites like Rip Off , Elevator Action Returns and Xybots but that’s OK, you can’t get them all in there), discussing how Atari carried the water for a long time in this arena but eventually they were surpassed by Japanese developers who gave us multiplayer co-op games like The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many, many others. Click here to read the article!

Kevin does mention how we are seeing trends taking us back to co-op gaming and I think that it’s a great thing. There is nothing wrong with competitive gaming but there is a thirst out there for co-op games as well. I’ve mentioned this before when discussing the success of games like Left 4 Dead, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies, etc. I found it interesting that one arcade developer said that they were paying close attention to the New Super Mario Bros. Wii with it’s co-op aspects and while I can’t tell if that means we’ll see a new co-op sidescroller anytime soon, I do look forward to seeing more co-op games in arcades this year. Namco is certainly on that path with Tank! Tank! Tank! and Dead Storm Pirates; I think that Justice League missed a great opportunity last year to provide a four-player-on-one-cabinet design but the game still offered 2p co-op. 2p co-op is nice and all but after recently playing Arabian Magic and Dungeon Magic I have to say that I long to see more four player games on the market that don’t require operators to have to buy several expensive cabinets to achieve that.

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Microsoft bringing virtual arcade game rooms to Xbox Live and Windows

January 7, 2010

By now you have probably heard of the news that Microsoft will be bringing virtual arcades to Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live. In these virtual game rooms players will be able to buy arcade machines to place there as well as different themes that players can use to “trick out” your arcade. After you pay $5 for the game, you then buy credits to play it with at .50¢ a pop. It’s a neat little idea for their service although I personally wouldn’t feel the need to do this. I find it surprising that players will be charged 50¢ a credit though – I don’t know of any real arcade that would charge that much per play on classics like these and they have to pay much more than $5 to get a real cabinet. 25¢ would make more sense but the console companies could never really bring themselves to use actual microtransactions like they originally promised to. Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report has more on this, after the break.



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