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And the winners are…

January 1, 2010

While it is not quite 2010 yet where I am right at the moment, for the website the timer has passed onto the new year and so our Game of the Year/Decade polls are now closed. So what were your choices?

Game of the DecadeH2Overdrive – Raw Thrills’/Specular Interactive’s follow-up to Hydro Thunder took the cake by quite a lead for the best game of this past decade. In second place In The Groove 2 came in with 12 votes and DJ Max Technika and Outrun 2 SP tied for third with 10 votes each.

Game of the Year 2009DJ Max Technika – This took an early lead and managed to hold onto it, even though for a time it looked like H2Overdrive would catch up. Coming in a very distant third place would be BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.

Pinball Game of the YearLord of the Rings Limited Edition – Even though the new LotR pinball re-release has only been available for a short time, it handily came out on top in the poll. Following behind were CSI and King of Diamonds.

This also reminds me that I will have to make a new page for game releases in 2010, especially where there are some exciting projects to look forward to  If you hadn’t seen our 2009 page, click here. Thanks for your votes and Happy 2010!

(BTW – I am hoping that I will have a look at a new game I will be debuting at my arcade soon – a tank combat game by an indie PC game developer who I convinced to make an arcade version out of it. It wasn’t hard since the developer will be my future brother-in-law. Anyways, it is very close to being done but the motherboard that was going to be used in the machine was bad so we need to get a new one to make the thing work. stay tuned)