Big Buck Hunter pinball revealed

We heard about Big Buck Hunter Pro coming to pinball ages ago (in fact that is something we discussed on the most recent podcast) and finally we have a look at the game, via The main feature of the playfield is a stag which can move diagonally across the board, which is your target to hit of course. Otherwise, you can see some ramps in the background, some orbit targets and not much else (I can’t tell if there are any drop targets there). The playfield was designed by Dennis Nordman, who is no longer with Stern. It should be interesting to see how well this does in places that also carry BBH games and whether bars will be picking up these up to compliment their BBH videos or not.

While I was hoping for something like a color display, I wasn’t honestly expecting to see one here. The playfield is obviously following a simpler pattern which Gary Stern said the company would be following post-NBA pinball.

UPDATE: I found some more information on the game at including the pic below.

UPDATE: has more detailed pictures of the game from the location test.

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One Comment on “Big Buck Hunter pinball revealed”

  1. editor Says:

    Oh great, we talk about it in the podcast and it appears on the web – we should have mentioned that we both became millionaires!

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