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An arcade themed after the backstreets of China

December 30, 2009

Like arcade cabinets themselves, sometimes the arcades where you play the games can be a work of art too. Take this Japanese arcade in Kawasaki which features eight stories of arcade goodness for those ages 18+ up. It’s entire theme is based off of “the backstreets of China” and reportedly feels much like walking into a place you would see in the game Silent Hill.

I am pretty sure that the theme alone would attract gamers of all kinds to this place but the sheer size of it is also something to behold. In my own dreams/plans for my arcade of the future I have hoped to evolve into something that would take up two stories but eight? Wow.

UPDATE: My bad – thanks to Sgt. Wafer in the comments for this. I had completely forgot that we had reported on this well over a year ago.

[Via Kotaku / Gamernook] [Discuss on the Forums]