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Panel discussion with ex-Atari alumni at California Extreme 09

December 8, 2009

One thing I don’t think that I will ever tire of is getting into the history of the game industry, particularly that involving the arcade side of things. On one side I think it’s fascinating and on the other there are always some helpful ideas you can learn from what people have tried in the past. Obviously as times change not everything that worked “back in the good ol’ days” will work anymore but there are some things in human tastes that never change.

To get on with with the point, here is video of a panel discussion with several ex-employees of Atari back when it was a giant in the arcade industry, including Al Alcorn, Mike Hally, Owen Rubin, Steve Bristow and Steve Ritchie. Each one of these guys made contributions to gaming that were important not just for arcades but for gaming as a whole. Some of the talk is serious, some is light-hearted, they cover a number of the classic games they worked on and even quite a bit of discussion on Atari pinball machines.  You’ll just have to check them all out below

Gravitar testing, pinball talk

Vector monitors/game talk(speaking of that, my Asteroids Deluxe monitor recently went kaput), exergaming, cabinet make-up,

Failed prototype talk, cabinet designs, Namco licensing,

Copy protection, best selling game, worst business decision, Video Music, Picking innovations, The Last Starfighter

The Last Starfighter cont., Tank 8, the future of arcades, “hot tub stories”

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift landing in some US arcades

December 8, 2009

There are plenty of fighters to choose from these days and one fighter that has been turning heads all year long is BlazBlue. Released to arcades last year, the game soon saw a console port which expanded the number of people who became interested in the game. Now Aksys has released a follow-up to the game for arcades only (I haven’t heard if this update will stay exclusive to arcades or if it’s a timed exclusive) called BlazBlue: Continuum Shift and I have already found a couple of arcades in the US who have the game, Arcade UFO and Arcade Infinity. Arcade Infinity has been posting a bunch of BB:CS videos to their youtube account and suffice it to say, this still looks simply awesome. How many other US facilities will be importing the game remains to be seen – I would love to get one but there is always that problem of money. Still, I am trying to find a way as this looks too good to pass up and fighters do fairly well in my venue even though what I have is 10+ years old for that genre.

Here is a video of the new BlazBlue taken by Arcade Infinity.

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