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The Arcade Heroes Game of the Decade poll

December 5, 2009

As we are seeing a close to the decade, it’s only logical that we see what people think was the best game of the decade. I have compiled a list of games that are either well acclaimed by players or arcade operators that have been released between January 2000 and now. Putting every single game on the list that was released in arcades over the past 10 years just wouldn’t do – in fact the list seems a bit large as it is. Hopefully what is on the list will please everyone but since it probably won’t, that’s where you use the “Other” option but if you choose Other, please specify what game earned your vote in the comments.

Because the poll is so large, I am putting it after the post break, so click below to begin. I also have set it to not accept repeat votes so hopefully we won’t have the same problem as in the last one.