The Arcade Heroes “Arcade Game of the Year 2009” poll

It’s that wonderful time of year again where we see what you the readers consider to be the Arcade Game of the Year in 2009. We have had some excellent games come to arcades throughout 2009 and I am excited to see everything we’ll get to play in 2010. I tried to get everything in there but I might have missed a game or two so if that is the case there is an Other option or you could suggest I add it to the list before voting so I can get it on now.

In regards to the Game of the Decade Poll, here are some suggestions for that, please give me your feedback on this!

Game of the Decade suggestions, there might be a game or two in the wrong year though as I’m not sure how accurate KLOV is on a couple of games from the first part of the decade (please give me your feedback). A couple of these titles may not have been critically acclaimed but they have proven to make money for operators for several years after their release so I gave that some consideration.

BTW – There are a ton of bemani games to come along over the past 10 years and I have played none of them so bemani fans, LMK


Alien Front

Cosmic Smash

Dark Silhouette: Silent Scope 2

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy


Marvel VS. Capcom 2

Planet Harriers

Police 911

Power Stone 2

Samba De Amigo


Initial D

Mocap Boxing

Monkey Ball

Spikers Battle

Tekken 4

The Grid


Guilty Gear XX

Mazan: Flash of the Blade

Metal Slug 4

Soul Calibur 2


Demolish Fist

Dolphin Blue

F-Zero AX

Time Crisis 3



Ghost Squad

Percussion Master

Silver Strike Bowling

Target: Terror Gold


Initial D3

Soul Calibur 3

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

Under Defeat


Aliens Extermination

AfterBurner Climax

Big Buck Hunter Pro

Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

House of the Dead 4

Metal Slug 6

OutRun 2 SP SDX

Raiden IV

Time Crisis 4


Chase HQ2

Let’s Go Jungle

Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield


Big Buck Safari


Golden Tee 2009 LIVE

Primeval Hunt

Sega Rally 3

Samurai Spirits Sen

Street Fighter IV

Tekken 6

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3


DJ Max Technika

Guitar Hero Arcade

GTI Club


Tank! Tank! Tank!


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38 Comments on “The Arcade Heroes “Arcade Game of the Year 2009” poll”

  1. DarkTetsuya Says:

    Hope this helps!:

    beatmania (5-key original):

    beatmania feat. Dreams Come True (2000)
    beatmania 6th MIX: The UK Underground Music (2001)
    beatmania 7th MIX: Keepin’ Evolution (2002)

    beatmania IIDX (7-key upgrade to original beatmania):

    IIDX 2nd Style (2000)
    IIDX Substream (2000)
    IIDX 3rd Style (2000)
    IIDX 4th Style (2000)
    IIDX 5th Style (2001)
    IIDX 6th Style (2001)
    IIDX 7th Style (2002)
    IIDX 8th Style (2002)
    IIDX 9th Style (2003)
    IIDX 10th Style (2004)
    IIDX 11 RED (2004)
    IIDX 12 Happy Sky (2005)
    IIDX 13 DistorteD (2006)
    IIDX 14 GOLD (2007)
    IIDX 15 DJ TROOPERS (2007)
    IIDX 16 EMPRESS (2008)
    IIDX 17 SIRIUS (2009)


    Dance Dance Revolution 3rd MIX (2000)
    Dance Dance Revolution 4th MIX (2000)
    Dance Dance Revolution 4th MIX PLUS (2000)
    Dance Dance Revolution 4th MIX SOLO (2000)
    Dance Dance Revolution 5th MIX (2001)
    Dance Dance Revolution 6th MIX: DDRMAX (2001)
    Dance Dance Revolution 7th MIX: DDRMAX2 (2002)
    Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME (2003)
    Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA (2006)
    Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2 (2007)
    Dance Dance Revolution X (2008)

    DancemaniaX 2nd MIX (2000)
    DancemaniaX 2nd MIX Append J-Paradise (2001)

    Dancing Stage:
    Dancing Stage: Disney’s RAVE (2000)
    Dancing Stage: True Kiss Destination (2000)

    Guitar Freaks/Drummania:
    Guitar Freaks 3rd/drummania 2nd (2000)
    Guitar Freaks 4th/drummania 3rd (2000)
    Guitar Freaks 5th/drummania 4th (2001)
    Guitar Freaks 6th/drummania 5th (2001)
    Guitar Freaks 7th/drummania 6th (2002)
    Guitar Freaks 8th/drummania 7th (2002)
    Guitar Freaks 9th/drummania 8th (2003)
    Guitar Freaks 10th/durmmania 9th (2003)
    Guitar Freaks 11th/drummania 10th (2004)
    Guitar Freaks/drummania V (2005)
    Guitar Freaks/drummania V2 (2005)
    Guitar Freaks/drummania V3 (2006)
    Guitar Freaks/drummania V4: RockXRock (2007)
    Guitar Freaks/drummania V5: Rock to Infinity (2008)
    Guitar Freaks/drummania V6: BLAZING!!! (2009)

    Keyboardmania (2000)
    Keyboardmania 2nd MIX (2000)
    Keyboardmania 3rd MIX (2000)

    ParaParaParadise (2000)
    ParaParaParadise v1.1 (2000)
    ParaParaParadise 1st MIX+ (2001)
    ParaParaParadise 2nd MIX (2001)

    • arcads4ever Says:

      what about that karate rytheme game and pop n music series?

      • DarkTetsuya Says:

        Oh you mean Hokuto No Ken: Punchmania? or that aerobic one? I don’t know how popular either of those were in Japan or over here so I just skipped those

        Pop’n Music though, I think is only slightly less obscure, and there’s been 17 of em that I know of…. not sure how much of a chance any of them would win ‘best arcade game of the decade’ even if they did wind up on the list.

    • p perrault Says:

      I vote for h20verdrive

      • Gloria Elias R. Says:

        h20verdrive is a super fun game with awesome creativity and it is very challenging to play.

        h20verdrive gets my TOP VOTE!

  2. Jordan Says:

    There are actually a few other Dancing Stage games…

    Dancing Stage Euromix
    Dancing Stage Euromix2
    Dancing Stage Fusion

    Dance ManiaX 1st Mix is missing as well

    • DarkTetsuya Says:

      I see what you guys mean about the KLOV thing, that’s the only reason those games weren’t on the list (at least for DMX 1st)

      And I forgot about the other Dancing Stage games, most of my research was on Konami AM’s Japanese sites… I forgot to check the euro release dates.

      Hope that the rest of my list was okay…

    • DarkTetsuya Says:

      also I found some info on another site, DS Euro1 was 1999 apparently, but all the others should still count.

  3. DarkTetsuya Says:

    And I just remembered I totally omitted the beatmania III series:

    beatmania III (2000)
    beatmania III: Append CORE REMIX (2000)
    beatmania III Append 6th MIX (2001)
    beatmania III Append 7th MIX (2001)
    beatmania III: THE FINAL (and while I’m at it, beatmania: THE FINAL)

  4. Phil Arrington Says:

    BlazBlue was part of the 2008 camp. People didn’t care about the game until this year.

  5. Shaggy Says:

    Thanks for the Bemani info – now which one of those many titles would be the one (or two) to put on the list?

    @Phil – One importer that I use is stating that BlazBlue Continuum Shift is available now, unless it’s pre-order and they aren’t being specific. Otherwise I thought it would be January as well. I’ll double check.

    • DarkTetsuya Says:

      Since the site in my ‘website’ link used to be all about those music games, I’m posting the question to the forum, so give me a few days see if anyone has any votes and I’ll get back to you 😀

  6. xxxplizit Says:

    To clarify, Pump It Up NX Absolute came out in December 2008.

    • Shaggy Says:

      Thanks for pointing that out – I had forgot about it although the game really wasn’t available anywhere until January. Still, I had forgot that NX Absolute was on last years poll, so it has been removed, sorry NX fans.

      • JohnJacobJingleheimerSchmidt Says:

        It came out in January you idiots. And nobody had played it yet in 2008, so you are stupid from having it on the list last year. PUT THAT SHIT BACK ON THE LIST!!!

  7. twinturbo2 Says:

    The only new arcade game I played this year was Guitar Hero, so that wins by default. No arcade within 125 miles of me has H2Overdrive, to my knowledge, so I can’t comment on how it plays.

  8. Shaggy Says:

    Just curious for those who are voting Other – what game are you picking?

  9. Phil Arrington Says:

    Tank, Tank, Tank…. under rated game of the year

    • arcads4ever Says:

      I picked razing storm as game of the year. would choose ubeat or dj max but haven’t played any of those yet. as for tank X3, testinator and panic museum they haven’t even been released yet, in the UK at least

  10. LB Says:

    Pretty sure Drum Mania and Guitar Freaks V6 are disqualified since they get released next year.
    Also, since Continuum Shift only -just- came out in Japan (about 2-3 weeks ago), it really wouldn’t get such a large fanbase and, as a user said before, Calamity Trigger is 2008… :<

  11. Loler Says:

    Maybe if someone would stop vote spamming DJMax technika, this poll would be less retarded.

    On top of that, BBCS is already out, you’re an idiot to think its release date is next year.

    Further more, you’re missing out on way too many games, especially bemani games like Beatmania IIDX 17 Sirius, Pop’n Music 17 The Movie, Jubeat Ripples to be exact.

    • Drayne Says:

      lol, i like how you assume people are votespamming when in reality, basically all active technika community members (including me) were notified of this poll

  12. Shaggy Says:

    I fixed the poll so it supposedly should stop allowing for spamming – which is really unfortunate that anyone would feel that they need to spam for their game to win.

    I can fix the poll with some suggestions that you guys are making although to be honest some of the games that are unknown I think can be covered just fine by “Other” and at this point unless there is a major change DJMT has pretty much finished everything else off.

  13. ThatsGobbles Says:


    You do realize that there’s an entire forum of DJ Max Technika fan on Bemanistyle, right?

  14. igo Says:

    The only two games I have seen “in the wild” are razing storm and guitar hero arcade. I voted razing-storm.

    DJ Max Technika has an unbeatable / unrealistic lead right now. That is too bad.

  15. Shaggy Says:

    Well, the poll goes until the end of the month, I guess we’ll see if fans behind any other games come out for a particular title although I know where availability is scare for many people for these games, that will affect things. There were some very excellent (non-bemani) games that came along this year and it’s a shame that not everyone has had a chance to play everything on the list. But, I still think it’s better to leave it up to everyone to choose than for me to arbitrarily decide what should be the best game of the year.

    I am going to be posting the Game of the Decade poll today for anyone interested.

  16. Molloy Says:

    I’ve only played Raizing Storm, Nirin, Guitar Hero, GTI Club and R-Tuned Racing.

    Funnily enough after not enjoying GTI Club that much initially it’s actually the best thing in the arcade at the moment. I played a few of the mini-games with a friend of mine last week and they’re top notch. There aren’t enough good head to head games anymore. Hopefully people give it enough tries to discover how much fun it is.

  17. Eva Says:

    h20 rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Amy Laden Says:

    H20verdrive rocks.

  19. Amy Laden Says:

    I love H20verdrive.

  20. David Marble Says:

    H2overdrive is awesome !

  21. black jebus Says:

    Go! Go! Go! H2O!!!

  22. Jackson Pfender Says:

    Hy I was wondering how do we get an acount

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