Could Ridge Racer see a return to arcades?

Ridge Racer V

Last time I heard anything about Ridge Racer, people were still poking fun at that Sony exec for saying “Ridddggee Raaacccuuurrr” at Sony’s e3 press conference a few years back. I wasn’t terribly interested in the game as I don’t care for racers on the consoles but Ridge Racer used to be in arcades as well. In fact the last time RR was in arcades was in 2001 with Ridge Racer V: Arcade Battle. Now we have word that Namco Bandai has trademarked the name Ridge Racer Accelerated in Japan. Link that up with a rumor I heard not long that Namco was working on a new racing title for arcades and you have to wonder, could Namco be planning on bringing RR back to coin-op land? It’s certainly possible, especially where it appears that companies won’t be letting up on developing new racing games anytime soon. What are your thoughts?

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7 Comments on “Could Ridge Racer see a return to arcades?”

  1. arcads4ever Says:

    it could happen after all isn’t the maxi tune series related to namco’s wagon midnight which I think is related to ridgeracer? I like ridgeracer and have it for playstion original and psp but I would like to see a new one in the arcades though. maybe namco are saving the rumor as a surprise for atei 2010 maybe? racers perform better in the arcde than at home and no mario kart wii doesn’t count since it has no force feedback and the fact that the wii sometimes struggle to pick up the wii mote in the steering wheel.

  2. editor Says:

    No arcade4ever, Wagon midnight became Maxi tune – and is based on the cartoon (manga) series, and no relation to Ridge Racer.

    I think we have a good idea of the EAG (not ATEI) show attendance for Namco, and no racers on the list.. yet?

    • arcads4ever Says:

      oh I see my bad, aren’t game companies gonna exhibit at atei anymore since theres that new show EAG? an iphone does sound more likley though but who know it could be planned for multi platform use but I would really likea new arcade release though. just think in another 3 years soon ridgeracer and daytona will be 20 years old šŸ˜€

    • arcads4ever Says:

      if its not going to be a ridge racer for the arcade then if rumors are true then they’ll either be a new mariokart gp 3 or maxi tune 4 as they both perform really well particuarly in the UK and europe possibly as theres always people on them. if it is one of them they I hope it’ll be alot more fresher than GP 2 as the new feature was it broadcast the race which was a total gimmick

  3. twinturbo2 Says:

    I’m guessing that this is going to be an iPhone game.

  4. igo Says:

    Too bad. Iphone racing games are not fun at all to me.

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