Don’t just play Outrun – drive it!


Driving a real car and driving a virtual one are generally different experiences but in the case of this heavily modified Sega Outrun cabinet by Garnet Hertz of the Pasadena Art Center College of Design, the line between reality and virtuality are blurred. Mr. Hertz has taken an Outrun cabinet, fitted it with an EVT America Electric Trike and has enhanced it with the GPS found on the iPhone along with some custom software. The result is a very cool albeit unable to use on regular surface streets, drivable Outrun cab. To see a demonstration of the software used, check out the video below

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2 Comments on “Don’t just play Outrun – drive it!”

  1. Z Says:

    Very cool concept. But if you wanted improved graphics it would be easier to render specific areas/towns first then incorporate the racing game around that 3D map and use google’s map API as your “gps guide” in the game.

  2. Total craziness. I love it!

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