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Pinwall by Urban Screen

November 4, 2009

(Thanks to Seven Out for the tip)

How do you take a normal building face and turn it into something interesting? With Pinwall, of course! This project was designed by Urban Screen who have gone about creating similar projects in the past although this would mark the first time pinball is involved. You have to admit, that this is one great way to help increase interest in pinball, even though it’s more like video pinball that has flippers which are spaced too far apart. Check it out below.

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New entertainment facility under development in Omaha

November 4, 2009



If you live anywhere near Omaha Nebraska then you have a new entertainment facility to look forward to visiting sometime in the future. At the moment it is called “The V” which I am guessing stands for “The Venue”. The multimillion dollar project is currently looking for investors and other entrepreneurs to help make the project a reality and from the sounds of it, The V should be a cool place to check out once it is finished. According to the website:

The V is a 45,000 square foot multi-attraction entertainment concept consisting of a variety of amusement attractions and a casual dining restaurant targeting families, young adults and corporations.  Amusement attractions offered by The V will include a 16 lane open play bowling center, 4 lane upscale private bowling lounge, 110 player station game zone, rock climbing, mini-bowling, laser tag arena, multi-player game attractions, billiards, darts and shuffleboard.  The V will also have dedicated private meeting space for corporations and groups and party rooms available to host family parties.

As you can see from the picture above, the facility will have plenty of open space and it sounds like it will have a sizable arcade although we will have to wait and see how they will go about designing that. From the sounds of it, a major focus at the facility will be one geared towards providing a modern bowling experience. At present there is no ETA given on when they expect to have everything built and ready to go but you can find out more information can be found at the official project website here.

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