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Sega Racing Classic preview at

November 3, 2009

After hearing of our report that Sega was testing Sega Racing Classic at the Gameworks in Chicago, 1up writer Andrew Hayward made his way to the location to check the game out and give everyone a preview of the game in action. In addition to that he grabbed a couple of videos of the game in action and so while this is a location test (meaning that the game seen here can change from the final release), so far it is not encouraging in case you were hoping for a major upgrade in the graphics department. In fact I am very surprised that so far this is apparently just a high-resolution upgrade of the original game minus the licenses – the model geometry appears to be the same, the trees are still 2D sprites, etc. Lets hope that the game gets more of a facelift before it is released to arcades with maybe a couple more additions to the tracks, play modes or something else. Otherwise it seems to me that all the buzz this has been generating online so far will be lost on what appears to be a relatively minor upgrade.

Kevin Williams in the comments below made a point about this being targetted towards operators who still have the old Daytona on location, and that does make sense especially if the price point on the game is well below the average charged for an arcade racer these days.

Of course since this is on location test now, it should be at IAAPA in a couple of weeks and we’ll see if it’s any different than the loctest as well as a few other promised upgrades. I would post the videos from 1up directly here but since wordpress won’t allow for that sort of thing from, you can see them at the link below.

Now a question for any operators out there – from what you have seen of Sega Racing Classic, how interested would you be in upgrading your old Daytona games to this?

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