Namco releases new promo video for Tank!Tank!Tank!

Namco has released a new video showcasing the different play modes for their latest coin-op title, Tank! Tank! Tank! The game is already available in Japan and it will be released in the US sometime shortly after IAAPA. One thing that sets this video apart from some others I’ve seen on the game is that this is a direct feed and it also shows every play mode. It does seem like the game is a bit short (hopefully they will offer an update expanding on the content down the road) but at the very least it appears to have more content available than Tokyo Wars did. This game should be at IAAPA so I will be reviewing it(and many other games) at the show as well.

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6 Comments on “Namco releases new promo video for Tank!Tank!Tank!”

  1. igo Says:

    Gameplay looks solid. The graphics look like something that would be on the ps2 tho.

    • arcads4ever Says:

      don’t forget that your viewing the game footage on youtube though. still it does look a really fun game to play. never played tokyo wars but this looks to be great though 😀

  2. editor Says:

    where did you get the “…released in the US sometime shortly after IAAPA…”?

    at Gala they said October?

    • Shaggy Says:

      October in Japan, Replay Magazine says “Shortly after IAAPA”. I haven’t seen it pop up on any distributor sites yet (or even Namco America’s site) so I am deducing that they changed their minds at some point.

      @igo – Really? I think that while the graphics lack nice things like HDR, I think that with the number of objects it’s throwing around the screen it’s just as nice as the more recent consoles. Then again, it will probably be telling when we see it in person.

      • igo Says:

        It is better then ps2 graphics because of the amount of things on screen. The 3d objects don’t seem to lack the crisp edges that most new games have. That’s what made me think of ps2, gamecube, and dreamcast as soon as I saw the video.

        It still seems like to will be awesome with 4 players.

      • Shaggy Says:

        That’s a valid point – I do wonder if anything was lost int he video. I have to imagine that they are running the game in an HD resolution of some sort and having the screen set like it is actually is better for that high rez look. But who knows what they might have done to get that solid frame rate (I’m thinking of Tokyo Drift – nice frame rate but the resolution is horrendous)

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