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That new Incredible Technologies project we talked about a short time ago? Already cancelled

October 14, 2009

Well that was fast – while we had been waiting to hear more on a new project over at Incredible Technologies where the project manager was blogging about the progress of the game, the game has now been cancelled, due to unspecified reasons. We never got to find out what kind of game it was and so far there is no extra information on that yet but the project manager, Alan Noon does say on his blog that “at this point I am predicting that the project will be resurrected in the future.” I guess we’ll have to wait and see about that and at the very least since we didn’t know what it was we can’t feel too disappointed about not getting it now. The team that was working on it is still at IT working on something else but there is no information on what that happens to be.

More info can be found here.

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Konami reveals Winning Eleven 2010

October 14, 2009



Pro Evo fans have another arcade offering to look forward to in the series, as Konami has revealed the development of Winning Eleven 2010 for arcades. The series which is known in Europe under Pro Evolution or Pro Evo has seen a number of titles released on console platforms with just a couple of arcade offerings in that mix. I admit that I am not terribly familiar with other titles in the series but this new one does integrate “improved AI and graphics” and it also includes a touch screen. The game is currently testing in Japan and I would not be surprised to see it reach Europe before too long as well.

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