More mini arcade cabs



It looks like miniature arcade cabinets are a big hit and so we are seeing more and more of them. These new ones are from the same guy who had recently been selling such cabinet kits for $20 and he has expanded the lineup to include Asteroids, Millipede, Sinistar and even Terminator 2. Apparently we’ll also seeing Joust, Galaxian, Asteroids Deluxe, Burgertime, Dig Dug,  and Mortal Kombat II soon as well. If he keeps it up, you’ll soon be able to have a sizable mini-arcade for all of your action figures to play in any time now.

[Via Technabob] [Discuss on the forums]

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One Comment on “More mini arcade cabs”

  1. justonemoregame Says:

    I’ve just received my Galaga cab from the seller, and I’m *really* pleased with it. Just need a nice glass case now, to protect it from the cat/the baby/etc!

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