Pics from the London Preview 2010 show


Another arcade trade show has come along and this time we have pictures (unlike with AMOA ’09, which I still haven’t seen anything from that one). To see all of the pictures, I’ve placed them after the post break so check it out, there are a couple of new games we haven’t seen previously, like Big Hammer, Robot Football and Challenger. All pics courtesy of Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report.

Namco’s Nirin and Raw Thrills’ H2Overdrrive had a place next to each other.



Konami’s GTI Club




GlobalVR had Twisted: Nitro Stunt Racing there with the mini-motion configuration.



Guitar Hero Arcade




Panic Museum by Taito. This had been formerly called Haunted Museum, it looks like it has gone through a couple of changes however.



Hopping Road by Taito. Interesting pogo stick game that we have discussed before, too bad it looks like Taito isn’t bringing this to the US



Hummer Standard by Sega. I’m not 100% sure when this is going to be released, it was also shown at AMOA recently.



Big Buck Hunter Pro: Open Season by Play Mechanix/Raw Thrills’. First revealed at AMOA, this is the first picture I have seen of a cabinet in such a setting.


Big Hammer. I am not sure who makes this although it looks a lot like Hammer 2 by Andamiro. These hammer games are pretty nice to see actually as they are something different and are accessible for all ages to play.


Robot Football. This is very similar to the MaruBot Football League game we saw some months ago, I think that it is quite exciting to see more developments in this field for coin-op gaming.



Speed Rider by IGS. I didn’t expect to see this in Europe but it apparently is quickly becoming IGS’ showcase title.As you can see from the second pic below, the game uses a card save system, which isn’t anything new to IGS games.



DJ Max Technika by PM Studios.


The Game Gate VU. This is supposed to be available everywhere now but I have not heard much about it since ASI. At least it’s an easy and legal way to get games like FIFA into arcades.


Textminator by LAI Games. This is still one I want to check out, even though I am not a texting buff by any means. I simply appreciate the unique concept.



Challenger. This is one for the kids, I like the cabinet design. I wonder if everyone is going to start going with these kinds of marquees now.


Don’t forget the pins!


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5 Comments on “Pics from the London Preview 2010 show”

  1. Mengplex Says:

    I so hope they stick a technika in London Troc , wanna play that game so badly

    • arcads4ever Says:

      no need to hope, they always get the up to minute games unlike us northerners 😦 still pissed off at meadowhall for forcing out namco wonderpark. we would probably get that game too. wouldn’t mind if it was loosing money but it was doing great nad best place for games in yorkshire

  2. arcads4ever Says:

    does anyone know if namcos dead storm pirates made an appearance at preview?

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