More details on Namco’s new pirate-themed light-gun game “Dead Storm Pirates”


UPDATE: Thanks to Aaron Auzins for the correct translation of the game’s name. I knew pirates was at the end of that but wasn’t sure about the rest so it’s good to have a name in English to call it now.

A short time ago we found out that Namco has a new pirate-themed light-gun title in the works but up until now there were very few details on what the game was like. But thanks to a Japanese light-gun fan site who was able to play the game while it was out on location test, we know a little bit more about it now. Some details are still up in the air due to the quality of the translation but from the report by Team Gun Powers, the game is definitely following the lead of Let’s Go Jungle with a Pirates of the Caribbean flare to it but the game seems to have just enough there to set itself apart.

First off, the “rudder-type controller” that we initially heard about is used for steering your ship and during the game, timing is essential in picking the best paths to traverse. This adds an interesting element to the game since most light-gun titles are mostly on-rails affairs. The game will have five stages total and in addition to shooting things, you’ll be able to collect treasure. While there are still no shots of what it looks like graphically, the writer at TGP suggested that they are similar to Razing Storm but with a slightly smaller screen. It does sounds like the game is a bit difficult for one player and like LGJ the gameplay is primarily intended for two people to play.

You can read more details here at Team Gun Powers but keep in mind this is via Google translator so you have to guess what it is talking about on certain parts.

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11 Comments on “More details on Namco’s new pirate-themed light-gun game “Dead Storm Pirates””

  1. nestlekwik Says:

    I’ll try to look at the site later, but I’ll just break this down for you:

    “Deddosutomupairetsu” = Dead Storm Pirates

  2. arcads4ever Says:

    finally thats what the controller is meant to be a pirate steering wheel and is nothing like my original idea at all. but still its an interesting idea and I never thought of something like that as a controller for a gun game. after the huge sucess of lets go jungle I see no reason why this won’t be released worldwide. from the looks of it you only have one steering wheel which makes sence really but I thought there would be 2 unless you can acess it either sides but not very good for left or right handed people depending where they’re sitting.

  3. editor Says:

    This is a real shame – Namco R&D was rumored to have seen the game we worked on at Disney and were looking to copy it.

    We developed DisneyQuest Pirated of the Caribbean:

    As you can see fundamentally they have ‘borrowed’ the idea for a arcade game. Shame guys, shame!

    • arcads4ever Says:

      hmm I see what you mean, but I haven’t seen any of those 2 games. but it does look a bit simular particuarly the control. on the other hand looking at the disney game you need one player for steering and gun and namcos gun you just need one hand on gun and other on wheel. still I’m excited about this title though and hope it makes an appearance at london preview 2010 show 😀

  4. editor Says:

    your right arcade4ever – the issue over the similarity is only a pebble on the beach, compared to the opportunity to play a fun arcade game.

    I also hope it makes IAAPA – Preview is only next week so too close I think?

    See you there? hunt me down.

    • arcads4ever Says:

      “sigh” I wish I could go but can’t. I would love to go to an arcade show but I’m at uni currently and its too far since I live in south yorkshire. you never know they may have dead storm pirates as a surprise appearnce after all it is called preview after all if not then atei 2010 ;-). I think it will get release in the west after the sucess of lets go jungle. I’ve still not been able to play nirin though 😦

      enjoy the show 🙂

  5. Mengplex Says:

    They have this in my local bowling alley!
    its a very impressive machine , sit-in cab like ‘Lets go jungle!’ with 2 mounted guns and what is essentially a steering wheel in the middle between the two guns.
    Steering wheel is used at certain points in the game such as dodging rocks or whatever , the guns are… guns… the only special thing is that when both guns shoot at the same spot their power increases – this must be used to kill certain enemies in the game.
    The entire cabinet also rocks/rumbles as you play , the machine tilts forwards and backwards etc.

    Very fun game , good graphics , Surround sound…

    • arcads4ever Says:

      no way its out now is it? are you from japan or something? I reckon this game is currently on location testing. if your from the UK hmm let me guess where this game is er oh I know funland at trocadero tah da, god I wish they would test machines in other places other than london particuarly trocadero. godd I can’t wait to give this a go.

    • Shaggy Says:

      Yes, where are you at? I wasn’t sure if they would take this out of Japan although it did seem to carry an international vibe to it. Got any pics you could share with AH? 😉

    • arcads4ever Says:

      yeah mengplex some shots of the screen would be nice or a youtube video you could upload? if you get the chance take photos of it and some video footage of the game if you can. man this is my favourite game to get excited about for next year. namco seems to be impressing me more and more now. what with razing storm, year before that it was mostly sega with primeval then lets go jungle year bafore that. was neck and neck though in 2005 with time crisis 4 and the house of the dead 4 😀

      • Mengplex Says:

        Sorry i cant get any pictures of the machine or footage of the game , I played it when i was back home and now im at university accomadation far far away. I didnt even realise it was that new when i played it otherwise i would have taken some footage…

        Im living in the UK btw , and the machine is in the number10 bowling alley in Romford Essex (which is hilarious because the place is a dump)

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