Arcade Heroes Podcast #8 – Discussion and new details on Dark Presence +more w/ Aaron Auzins

Here is the next podcast and joining me this week was AH contributor Aaron Auzins. Aaron had the opportunity to visit a few arcade related sites in Chicago in August and in addition to visiting the Gameworks there and checking out several great games (including the new Sega Card Gen), he also had a chance to visit Galloping Ghost studios and see what is going on darkpwith the new fighter Dark Presence. If you want to hear some interesting and exciting details on this game, download the podcast.

In addition to that we also discussed the big news items from the past couple of weeks including the SFIV update (which we have now found out will not be getting any arcade love – thanks for being jerks Capcom!), Sega Racing Classic, the JAMMA show, some pinball talk and more. It’s almost two hours worth of discussion, with most of it on Galloping Ghost and Gameworks so we hope you enjoy it!

Download the podcast here! (192MB)

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8 Comments on “Arcade Heroes Podcast #8 – Discussion and new details on Dark Presence +more w/ Aaron Auzins”

  1. igo Says:

    best podcast to date. It really helped having clear audio.

    The look into Dark Presence was good. I hope they make the digital background blend together better with the live actors.

  2. ashley Says:

    Well im annoyed with capcom,arcade owners should just forget them,i have.eventually they will realise they have bit the hand that feeds them,good luck with there future,street fighter is’nt the same on a console.

  3. editor Says:

    Just to confirm, the Chicago GameWorks is the SEGA test facility venue and used for all tests.

  4. Molloy Says:

    Here’s an alternative theory for you. The Japanese competitive community think SFIV is rubbish so they’re not interested in playing any update as there are plenty of better games they could be playing.

  5. editor Says:

    Excellent point Molloy – I have even included it in our coverage of the SFIV situation. I agree that it would cost them more to fight the AM market rather than focus on the lower fruit of the consumer scene.

  6. Nick Says:

    When my friends and I saw the new Tetris from Sega, we gave it a name, I hope they use if they want to bring it to the states, BFT. Big F***in’ Tetris! It’ll stick! Believe it!

  7. Nick Says:

    I wanted to add this, but I got a question for Adam. Have you ever considered having an Air Hockey league? The one big arcade by me used to have ones on a weekly basis and they would get a lot of players. It would be a good way to drum up some excitement and get some extra bucks.

  8. […] popular baseball is in Europe). In case you missed our previous coverage on this game, you can go here, here and […]

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