Konami announces a DDR US championship


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DDR fans, get ready to compete. Starting tomorrow in Dallas, TX, Konami will begin holding regional competitions at different GameWorks locations around the US, which will eventually lead to a final tournament in December where we will see who is the best DDR player in the US. If you don’t live anywhere near Dallas, don’t worry as other regional qualifiers will be held as follows: October 2 – Miami, Florida; October 11 – Columbus, Ohio; October 17 – New York, NY; October 24 – Minneapolis, Minnesota; November 7 – Las Vegas, Nevada(this will miss IAAPA by just a couple of weeks); November 14 – Seattle, Washington; December 5 – Las Vegas, Nevada (National Finals).

Players will compete on a DDR SuperNova machine, with players achieving the highest scores advancing onto the next round. I do wonder how they might use these events to also promote DDR:X, if it will be promoted at all. A few more details on the tournament can be found at the official site for the tournament, ddruschampionship.com.

[Via Bemanistyle.com & News10.net] [Discuss on the Forums]

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5 Comments on “Konami announces a DDR US championship”

  1. editor Says:

    Why announce a competition, and launch a registration site 24-hours before the first event in Dallas?

  2. Kimone Says:

    …same reason it’s being held on a SuperNova machine. They’re Konami and they’re shit.

  3. editor Says:

    Can we just say KDE… US and hope that their JP bosses move on.

  4. ranatalus Says:

    Ryan “DukAmok” Iyengar (community manager at Konami US) has actually been working hard on trying to get this event promoted and done right. As with most things, bureaucratic red tape messed everything up.

    Also a qualifier in Hanover, NJ has been added for Nov 21, and the NY date has been cancelled.

  5. editor Says:

    Thanks ranatalus – we had heard the original high aspirations of the Championship scaled down to suit the current management climate. I would love to have offered KDE-US all the support possible to promote this, but as a feud is underway I think its best to sit on the sidelines and watch… shame.

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