A Chuck E. Cheese "Entertrainment" video

If you have ever wondered what kind of intense training is required to work at an arcade or similar entertainment facility then here is another video for you (well over two years ago we posted some training videos for Space Port Arcades) . Taken from a Chuck E. cheese training video circa 1991, they go through all of the details that a CEC employee needed to know at the time to make sure that the game room ran smoothly. To be honest I doubt that much has changed although I am sure that they would want to show current employees something more modern (and less cheesy, har har). I also would be curious to know if they now have to train employees on how to deal with unruly, crazy parents who are always fighting with each other.

On another note, having been a trainer for about four years in another line of work, my bosses had some cheesy ideas at time about how they thought training should go but I have to happily admit that they never used the term “entertrainment” to describe how they wanted us to train a class.

If anything one value to this video is seeing some classics in their prime, like a STUN Runner sit-down machine. Click play below to see it.

More CEC training videos dealing with other aspects of the business can be found on Pizzacam’s youtube channel

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