Konami brings back Road Fighter, now labelled as Road Fighters

Thanks to an anonymous tip, we have received some details on a new title that Konami had out on location test in Japan last week called Road Fighters. For anyone who knows their Konami history, Road Fighter (without the ‘s’) was Konami’s first driving game which was released way back in 1984 so this appears to be a remake/sequel to that game from 25 years ago.  In the new game you have to overtake other vehicles while avoiding any collisions. Take too much damage and you’re out of the race. According to our tipster, the game was only 30% complete at the time of the test and Konami R&D even had the cabinets fitted with webcams to watch players as they reacted. The game will have online multiplayer, probably using Konami’s e-Amusement network which makes me wonder if this is all in response to Taito’s upcoming Top Speed racer which will also feature online multiplayer.

For more, check out this video below!

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2 Comments on “Konami brings back Road Fighter, now labelled as Road Fighters”

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