SFIV sequel in the works? Most likely



If you know anything about the history of Street Fighter then you come to expect that Capcom will release an update or two for the game which adds more characters, moves and other items of interest to the game. So this news about a possible update to Street Fighter IV isn’t suprising at all, in fact Kevin WIlliams of The Stinger Report who sent us this link has pointed out previously that he has heard rumors about this SFIV update for sometime now so the question is really when will we see SFIV Turbo (or whatever it may be called) as opposed to if. Another question I would want to find out in case I purchased the arcade version of the game is how easily could the game be upgraded, thus giving new life to the arcade version for a season.

[SFIV sequel in the works? – The Escapist] [Discuss on the Forums]

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3 Comments on “SFIV sequel in the works? Most likely”

  1. Celestein Says:

    Probably no different. When it comes to Tx2 the entire value is in the HDD. Question is whether the new HDD is going to have an “upgrade price” or the price of essentially a whole new game.

    At least, I imagine you’ll at least be able to buy the kit and/or HDD out the door as opposed to only new machines. Wouldn’t that be a gigantic fuck you to operators.

  2. editor Says:

    As could be seen at AM-Show – Capcom has cut the amusement side free. It was used to help promote SFIV and that is it. They are unhappy with the bad comments they got from the amusement trade and feel that the FU attitude is for the best. The TGD statement seems it will only be a consumer announcement!

    The last laugh however may be on Capcom – with news of the pirate update kits sneaking in from Taiwan!!

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