French player group working to build a classic game museum


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With nostalgia for classic games stronger than ever, what better way to satisfy the need to play such games than with a museum built in their honor? In France, a group of gamers are working to do just that, as they go through the hoops to build a retro gaming museum in that country. Now that games have nearly 40 years of history behind them it certainly makes it easy to cater to players who feel such nostalgia and you can bet that arcades will play a role in that mix. The effort is still in it’s infancy so it will be a while before it will come to fruition but we are eager to see what they will put together for such a museum.

More details can be found at the link below

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One Comment on “French player group working to build a classic game museum”

  1. Roman Espejo Says:

    Interviewed the proprietor of the Retro Arcade Museum in Beacon, N.Y. last week and just posted it as a Web audio piece. Fred Bobrow’s his name, and the variety of his collection and his encyclopedic knowledge impressed me. Most of the games came before my time (I grew up on Atari and Nintendo in the ’80s), but seeing all the electromechanical machines up close was pretty neat. Oh, and the museum opened to the public in June.

    The story can be found here:

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