Stern prepping a Lord of the Rings Limited Edition pin?

From the looks of it, I would say that this is quite likely. While we all are waiting to see how Big Buck Hunter pinball will turn out, I have heard that they also might be doing lotrpinanother run of Lord of the Rings pinball, with a few special changes from gold trim to being signed by Gary Stern. The details on this can be found on the front page of and they are currently taking pre-orders for this game which is supposed to be released sometime next month. You can click on the image to the right to see the page or go to One question I have about this one is – why now? I don’t know of anything happening in the LOTR world that would have prompted this (expect for the very recent announcement about The Hobbit getting the green light) so I am surprised that this didn’t happen sooner. Better late than never, right?

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3 Comments on “Stern prepping a Lord of the Rings Limited Edition pin?”

  1. Nick Says:

    There was a big thread over on Rec.Games.Pinball about this a few months ago. Somebody posted asking if they were to make a limited run of LOTR would people be interested. Needless to say the post was flooded with people wanting to get their hands on one, because LOTR is an amazing game.

    He said the price of the game would be 4-5K and that they could only do the Balrog because they can’t get the rights to the little action figures that came with the game when it was released. It would make the game loose some of it’s character, but then again you can get replacements on eBayif you want to pay a little extra.

  2. 2600 Says:

    Yeah, LOTR was very popular among the pinball enthusiast crowd. The game sold out before a lot of people had a chance to pick one up. The majority of the people pre ordering LOTR LE seem to be buying the game for home/personal use. I give huge props to Stern for not forgetting about their hardcore audience while still trying to create tables with name recognition.

  3. Swords Says:

    See all lord of the rings sword selection..

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