SFIV Vewlix cabinet on eBay – how “real” is it?

Not satisfied with building your own arcade cabinet for SFIV and you want the real, “official” thing? Then this auction on eBay is for you. The seller apparently won this through streetfighter4arcadecabinetGamestop/Capcom’s sweepstakes by pre-ordering SFIV on the PS3. He says that it is still on the crate and currently the bid is going for $5000 (although the reserve has not been met yet) but he seems to think that these are worth $15,000 a piece so the reserve might be a way off from being reached.

I do have to question something about this one – why does it have an Xbox 360 inside as opposed to the Taito Type X2 board that the arcade version game is supposed to be running on? The cabinet looks authentic but without the TypeX2, it looks to me that Gamestop/Capcom shortchanged the winners of this contest by giving them something that was modified from the actual arcade version of the game. Anyone else want to comment on this?

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4 Comments on “SFIV Vewlix cabinet on eBay – how “real” is it?”

  1. cools Says:

    Simple. Multiplayer. SFIV arcade is sold in pairs for multiplayer, so Capcom have been giving away console converted cabinets, as these allow 2P play.

    The console version being superior helps too.

  2. editor Says:

    I was concerned to see any VIEWLIX cabs being sold, as Capcom JP stated categorically that they would not want ex-demo machines sold.

    There was a complaint that all of Capcom US demo machines had been given away so making it impossible to offer loctest machines when interest grew after their first failed attempt to sell AM machines in the US – UK.

    Now no one from Capcom US wants to comment on where this machine came from (and why it has a XB inside?)

    Lets face a simple fact – players want new cabs to play on!

  3. Celestein Says:

    There was a similar contest in the UK where the winner got a Viewlix Cab with a PS3 inside direct from Capcom.

    No reason to think this isn’t “legit”. The reason Capcom stated they don’t want ex-demo machines sold is because they contained a version of the Tx2 software that was unencrypted. Of course these all leaked anyways and you can get bootleg versions of the Tx2 HDDs for a couple hundred now(which has, plummeted the value of legit software as well).

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