Holy cow: Sega also doing a giant Tetris game (updated)

From Kevin Williams of  The Stinger Report. The top game is Sega’s new Shining Force Cross RPG game. Beneath that – well it speaks for itself. This is obviously not the same thing as Tetris: The Grandmaster 4 that we discussed earlier – it’s a beast in a class by itself.


Here is an extra image as seen on Sega’s AM show site.


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7 Comments on “Holy cow: Sega also doing a giant Tetris game (updated)”

  1. editor Says:

    Just to confirm the images was supplied by Amusement Press Game Machine.

  2. arcads4ever Says:

    that giant tetris sounds a bit gimmicky but I wouldn’t mind giving it a try, I can also see that sega knows thats one thing that can’t be done at home, wide screen and giant joysticks made especially for this sort of thing. everyone knows tetris so I see no reason to release this game.

  3. nestlekwik Says:

    Dekai = gigantic; so, pretty much the official title of the game is Giant Tetris. The text in logo says “Dekarisu” and I can’t fathom what that means as a word, so I’m thinking they are just cramming Dekai and Tetris into one clever word.

  4. editor Says:

    “Big Tetris Title”

  5. […] can read previous coverage of Giant Tetris here(IAAPA 09) and here(initial announcement) Explore posts in the same categories: Arcade […]

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