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Sega launches Patrol-Chaser & Battle-Police duo in Japan

September 7, 2009



While we don’t see as many arcade titles that are created just for kids like we used to, there are still a few that are coming out to attract younger audiences. Sega in particular has been looking to strengthen their hand in this segment of the market in Japan and they have just released two games which are aimed at doing just that. Both games share a similar police theme but one is a chasing title (sort of like Taito’s Chase HQ2) called Patrol-Chaser and the other one is a mounted light-gun game called Battle-Police. They are housed a smaller cabinet size than normal and they also vend cards for players to use. It would be interesting to see if they try this idea en masse in other territories outside of Asia, with “kid vending” style games gaining popularity it could be likely but like many things we will just have to wait and see.

[Official site for Police Chaser / Battle Police] [Image and more details via Gpara]

What games are best enjoyed in the arcade?

September 7, 2009


So the headline here is sort of a rhetorical question – we all know what works best in arcades and what doesn’t, but we may as well discuss the subject thanks to this link that the Stinger Report sent along to us. The article starts out with the seemingly obligatory shot at arcades being dead, etc. etc. but then goes onto talk about why fighters, shooters and DDR are all better at the arcade then they are at home. I don’t think we can find anything to disagree with on those types of games as there is a good reason as to why those types of games (& racers) are almost exclusively produced by arcade companies year after year. tank-02l

Granted I personally feel that there are other kinds of games that can work better in arcades and I have written about such games before when I did my Missing in Action articles a while back. For starters anything that involves the player controlling a gigantic war vehicle such as tanks, planes or mechs takes the top prize when it comes to arcades and if you don’t believe me then I suggest you find a T-Mek arcade machine and give that a go. Also games like Blazing Angels or the upcoming Tank! Tank! Tank! show off why these games are more enjoyable in the arcade than at home.

Related to fighters are brawlers or scrolling fighters if you prefer. These games have always been specially tailored to coin-op format and while I do occasionally enjoy playing these at home, it’s just better in the arcade, especially when you are joined by a couple of friends and the need to stay alive so you save your quarters as much as possible heightens the excitement behind the play.

I would also throw pinball in there because of video pinball titles that are still being made for modern consoles today – nothing beats actual pinball and that’s one reason why I am glad to have a couple of pins sitting in my arcade. It doesn’t matter how nice the home video pinball game may be, it will never hold a candle to what a real machine can do which gives players that unique “pinball feel”.

Exergaming has the potential to be done better in arcades and obviously DDR plays the biggest role behind that but I think that the envelope could be pushed further than that as long as the right ideas are put into place. Speaking of DDR, Kevin also sent us a link detailing two DDR Enthusiasts in Idaho who use the game to get their workout while having fun.

For someone elses take on what can be done better in arcades, click here.

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