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DDR:X gets some updates, Konami Europe seeks player feedback

September 4, 2009
Dasbacon playing DDRX at ASI earlier this year

Dasbacon playing DDRX at ASI earlier this year

Remember those problems with DDR:X that we talked about a little while back? Well it looks like Konami is doing something about it and in particular Konami Europe recently held a private test in the UK where players could come by and give them some feedback on what they really thought about the game. It appears that there is both a hardware and a software update for the game to address the major issues that players had been complaining about, so hopefully this will mean that the case is finally closed when it comes to DDR:X.

More info on the UK private test can be found at

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Looking back at some great coin-op EM games

September 4, 2009



Today has been slow for news, I have been looking around for something throughout most of the day and I just couldn’t find much to talk about. At the very least we have two trade shows coming along very soon where the news should flow (or at least the news must flow – not unlike the Spice), but until then we’ll just have to wait and take what comes our way.

Thanks to a link provided by The Stinger Report, here is a site that covers the history of one mostly forgotten aspect of the arcade industry – that of the ElectroMechanical or EM game. The closest thing we have to EM games these days are certain redemption titles and crane games but for the most part, the style of game you saw with EM games in a time before video games came along is something of a lost art. So, it’s great to take a look at these games which used to play a role in the out-of-home entertainment sector and in some venues, they still have a minor role. I for one wouldn’t mind getting a new fortune teller machine…

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