NanoTech's Multipin gets some final artwork

MultiPin Artwork Composite Hammacher

It has been a little while since we last heard about NanoTech’s virtual pinball machine known as Multipin but NanoTech has sent us a look at the final artwork for the product, which includes more than a dozen pinball tables, including some Gottlieb tables as well as a few tables from Blindmankindpinball. It is capable of handling more tables than that although at the moment there have been no announcements regarding what tables might be available in the future. For this ability the Multipin sells for more than a standard pinball table but at least it comes in a stanard style pinball cabinet unlike a few other virtual pinball machines I have seen before.

More info on the Multipin can be found here on NanoTech’s website.

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3 Comments on “NanoTech's Multipin gets some final artwork”

  1. igo Says:

    will the machine have bump sensors? It will really feel like the real thing if it does

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