Guitar Freaks and DrumMania go XG

[Thanks to Phil for the tip!]

Konami isn’t letting up on their bemani upgrades and now Guitar Freaks (the guitar video game before Guitar Hero) and DrumMania (kind of the same in regards to Rock Band) are getting some nice updates with Guitar Freaks XG and DrumMania XG. Both games will sport new controls (GF will have five frets now; DM will be a 7 piece drum kit) and sleek HD monitors that will probably need to be calibrated by the operator to make up for LCD lag. We’ll have to wait for more info but in the meantime here is a low-quality video of DMXG on location test.

[GF/DM XG on BemaniStyle] [Discuss on the Forums]

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One Comment on “Guitar Freaks and DrumMania go XG”

  1. arcads4ever Says:

    I wonder if they bring out rock band like they did with guitar hero? I’ve never got chance to play rock band and I think it would be perfect opportunaty to play it in the arcade so I don’t have to splash out £149 for some instrument controllers that are too big to store which take up space in the house. I think they should go for it after the sucess run with guitar hero arcade.

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