Ben Heck makes some headway on the Bill Paxton Pinball Machine


If you want to show off some geeky engineering skills there are many projects out there that you could undertake but few would show off your technical prowess as a pinball machine would (in my humble opinion). Ben Heck is already famous for his many hardware modification projects and he is currently working on a pinball machine to call his own – one that pays homage to actor Bill Paxton. While no playfield image exists yet of the homebrewed machine, he has a cabinet shell with artwork as you can see. Once it’s all said and done, he plans on having a mode for several shows/movies that the actor has had a big role in, from Twister to Titanic, Aliens, True Lies and more. Obviously because it will feature elements and quotes from all of these movies it is not a machine that could be resold legally but it will certainly make for a great conversation piece at Ben’s home, wher eI am sure there are already plenty of good pieces to talk about.

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2 Comments on “Ben Heck makes some headway on the Bill Paxton Pinball Machine”

  1. justonemoregame Says:

    “Everyone underground… NOW!”
    “Everyone underground… NOW!”
    “Everyone underground… NOW!”

    Well, that’s the sound package done then. 😉

  2. Jason Says:

    Don’t forget…

    “How ’bout a nice greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray?”

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