The 5 best arcades still in business (in the Chicago area)

Whoever the contributors are to, they seem to be taking an interest in rating arcades in their local areas lately and here is the latest “Top Whatever” list of the best arcades in a certain area. Last time it was in the Detroit area with the top 10 or 11 places, this time it’s in the Chicago area. If this continues to be a trend then there will probably be too many articles to mention but I think it’s great that some people are noticing arcades that are still open in their area where players can usually find some new games.

Here’s the list. If you live in the Chicago area, do you agree?

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One Comment on “The 5 best arcades still in business (in the Chicago area)”

  1. RyanHank Says:

    The best arcade in the Chicagoland area (one that is not included in this list) is Nickel City in Northbrook, IL.

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