Hong Kong based developer Belrare brings SSX Blur and a Super Monkey Ball clone to arcades


While reading the latest Stinger Report newsletter, I came across the news that Taiwan-based developer InJoy Motion Corp. had recently announced two new arcade titles, a mounted gun shooter called Top Gunner and a kart racing game called Dido Kart. While doing some research to find out more about those two titles(which is still sparse as they are not on the company’s website), I came across some information on some new games being made by a company that I had previously not heard of – Belrare. What caught my interest there was a title they are calling either “Rebob Skiing” or “Super Hot Skiing” (both names are on the website) – a deluxe snowboarding game that according to the image I posted above is based upon SSX Blur – an EA title that a while back appeared on the Nintendo Wii. Apparently this and a few other titles by the same company made their debut a few months ago in China, and a couple of their other offerings use a similar base that the player stands on. One of them is called “Speed Aircraft” where the player races on some sort of futuristic hover craft that looks like a jet ski and the other is called “Happy Balance Ball” which looks an awful lot like Super Monkey Ball. You can see each of these by click on the thumbnails below; I have also added a picture of InJoy’s Top Gunner game as well. I admit that I like the cabinet designs that Belrare has come up with – they obviously are not made for entertainment facilities that don’t have a lot of space available but they certainly are eye-catching.

Speed Air

Speed Air

Happy Ball

Happy Ball

InJoy's Top Gunner

InJoy's Top Gunner

You can find more info on these games by following the links below

[Belrare’s Product Page] [Top Gunner] [Discuss on the Forums]

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One Comment on “Hong Kong based developer Belrare brings SSX Blur and a Super Monkey Ball clone to arcades”

  1. Wii Points Says:

    Super Monkey Ball was one of my favorite games back in the day, which was surprising, considering I didn’t play many games with a kid style. That’s good news.

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